It just made my day. #onepic

It was just a typical Tuesday, full and amazing.  And then this arrived on my phone…


Mrs. Wyre, one of our 2nd grade teachers, snapped this pick of Mrs. Vester’s 1st grade.  I had just minutes earlier been in Mrs. Simmons’ 1st grade where they showed me their cloud sketches.  This must be a similar activity.

Our campus is huge.  Seven acres, plus some.  For a 350 student elementary school, it leaves a lot of space to spread out.  What a great example.  And then my surprise when I walked around a wing to see the class still up on the hill!  Not only was it a gorgeous February day, but to see all those 1st graders on the hill with their clipboards, gazing skyward, sketching the clouds.  <sigh>

So I turned it into this….


Because I’m sort of addicted to Adobe Post.  And messaging is a huge focus for our school right now.  And it just made my day to capture the moment.

The whole thing just made my day.


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