A Day in the Life #aprincipalsday

Loving every minute.  Just a taste of #aprincipalsday

First fire drill of the year (we rocked it).

A visit to kindergarten.  Always good stuff in kindergarten.

Meeting with a student’s case manager, stored supplies, reviewed registration paperwork.

Visit two classrooms (favorite thing about my day).

Recess yard duty (so fun to watch kids playing together).

Three discipline issue to address (all unique and separate).

A parent meeting.

Five follow up parent phone calls/emails from morning events.

Fire alarm goes off unexpectedly during lunch (& then wouldn’t reset and silence); visit from fire department, call to maintenance, bonus fire drill procedure practice (we rocked it again).

Meeting with counselor.

Warmed up my lunch, quick chat with upper grade teachers (non school stuff) and ate my lunch.

Meeting with a parent.

Visit two classrooms.

Submit two tech tickets.

Check in with a garden teacher.

Meet with a high school volunteer.

Three back to back meetings with teachers about professional goals for the year (awesome!).

Check in with secretary about departing and new students.

Cup of tea.

Time to go home.

Oh ya… four year old birthday party at the local pizza joint, hello and hugs from four students from school (my job rocks!).


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