A lightning storm and a busy bee hive: summer brain

Warning: many words, little sense

The feeling of so many ideas, desires, goals, hopes…. A cacophony of thought. Too jumbled to work with. Too much to bring to order. Too many big dreams for a single mind to rein in.

It’s mid-July and I’m abuzz about the start of the 15-16 school year. New everything: site, staff, students, community. And the pressure to start of on the right foot.

Don’t we talk about failing forward? Acronyms for F.A.I.L. abound. So what’s going on here?

Summer brain, too much reading, lots of uninterrupted think time… Should be a good thing. But now, mid-July, I need the bees to calm, the lightening to dim and my jumbled thoughts to coalesce into something useful.

Positive intent has always been a pillar of truth for me. Even the cruelest words should have a glimmer of positive intent behind them. They usually do. If my intentions stay positive, my motives student-centered, my words kind and clear… I should be able to fail forward.

It might be time for a good ole brain dump to get it all out.

As I watched a distant lightening storm approach the house two nights ago, I kept waiting for the thunder. It never reached my ears. Just bolt after bolt after bolt of lightening.  I could relate to that storm.

My gut tells me this overflowing of ideas is a good problem. My type-A side wants order, a plan, a flow chart. Oohhh… A flow chart would be awesome. And then my creative side is good with the jumble. Random notes on bits of paper, willy nilly voice memos to myself.

So it’s mid-July. I’ve got time, positive intent and myriad ideas to start the year. Summer brain. The opposite of what one might think.


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