Just write! Thanks Craig & Ashley

The blogging dilemma. I love to write. Love it. I don’t plan or edit much. I love the free flow of thoughts, questions and wonderings.

That darn publish button means someone might actually read it. Then what? Judgment, red pen markings, a spelling error is found….. SO WHAT!?

Is this modeling the reflective practice I want staff to embrace?  Is this why I write? To worry about judgment?  Nope. I do it to process. That’s why half my posts ask questions that I eventually answer myself. Goofy but helpful.

Long piece, brief snippet, mid length musing… It’s all positive. All good for me as a thinker, learner and leader. Just publish.


Thanks Craig (@craigyen) and Ashley (@ashleyhhurley) for the quick exchange I caught via #borededuchat. Love when a piece of inspiration (or in this case kick in the pants) nearly passes you by, but not quite.


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