The Dugout vs the Field, a snippet from #NAESP15

Inspired by Brad Gustafson (@gustafsonbrad)


Simple. Profound. Most advice is just that.

Do I sit the bench for my school? Do I cheer from the dugout and wait for my at bat? Does it feel safer in the dugout, less pressure, less action? 

Nope. I’m in the field, talking with students about their learning. I’m ready for the play, and I’ll tweet it out to share with the community. I slide for the catch because getting dirty is part of the job; clay and paint, noisy discussions and messy science are part of the work.

How will I get out of the dugout and onto the field even more in the coming school year?

I will be out with students asking about their learning, listening to them read, watching them play and supporting the highs and lows of the school day. With phone in hand, I’ll be sharing our school’s story via Twitter, Instagram and Periscope.  Greetings in the morning and goodbyes at day’s end are valuable connections that bring a smile from kids and their families. Popping in to check on a teacher’s day, front office phone duty or lunchtime with kids…. I’m on the field!

We are not the leaders of our own elementary experience.  Very little requires work from the dugout. We are mobile, we are kid-ccentric and we walk the talk of high quality pedagogy and instruction.

Play ball!  Thanks Brad!

More snippets from Naesp15 coming soon….


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