My Ideal Conference/Learning Experience #youredustory

I am so thankful for this blogging challenge.  It’s been a tumultuous month or so and I haven’t been able to put fingers to keyboard effectively.  Just like our students, a blank piece of paper can be daunting but a prompt can put thought to motion.  Thank you Jo-Ann Fox for this perfect nudge.

My recent experience as faculty for #cuerockstar Petaluma could put that format high on my list of criteria.  2 hour blocks, fewer session, long, collaboration filled lunch=exponential learning and connecting.

With that said, I have gained valuable insight and skill though one hour sessions as well.  Michael Niehoff‘s #cue15 session, Transformative Leadership, is a good example.  Structured shared, reflection, sharing… good stuff.

The face to face connecting at conferences is a huge part of the realtime and longterm learning.  It’s so exciting to meet a Voxer or Twitter colleague.  Solidified relationships that are already deep and meaningful.  One of my favorite aspects of a conference.

Can’t not bring #isf into the mix.  IntegratEd is more about the thinking BEHIND the doing.  Does that make sense?  Session are long (at least 2 hours, I recall).  The focus is on the thinking, rationale, pedagogy with some of the doing embedded.  Educon is a dream of mine; one day, I will get there.  My experience with #isf brings what I’ve read and followed of #educon to mind.  Similar?  I’ll find out eventually.

So to answer the question.  My ideal conference:

  • no more than 4 sessions in a day (more like 3)
  • some long, some short
  • equal parts talking/thinking/sharing with doing
  • long lunch for face to face collaboration
  • lots of sharing on Twitter (love to include the home-attendees, often it’s me attending from home)

Next up on my conference calendar: #NAESP First time attender.  Can’t wait!


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