Joy and laughter for #aprincipalsday

When my friend Curt Rees threw out the Education Week challenge to our Voxer group… Tweet about your day as a principal including the hashtag #aprincipalsday on Wednesday, January 7th.  What a great idea!  Thanks Curt.

But when Wednesday arrived, I felt nervous about what I might see in the thread.  Tired leaders, overwhelmed systems, and too many things we just can’t tweet.  And how would I (and my school) come across?  Whining, arrogant, busy, smart, all about kids?

Job-alike situations have the potential to uplift.  But they can also drag the entire ship down.

Not the case here.  Not at all.  Such an amazing thread of inspiration.  I’ll start with my final tweet of the day:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.59.33 PM

I never want to be “poor me” about my work.  I love it.  Even when it’s most challenging and I joke about garage collection (driving a giant garbage truck sounds fun).  But it was great to read the tweets about other crazy things principals do.  All the Other Duties as Assigned that fill our days and make us shake our heads.  Really?  This is part of my job?  And to see the pictures of all the principals out and about with staff and students, at drop off, during lunch, for PD and in the office.  It was affirming, uplifting, hilarious and memorable.

My whooping four tweets of the day just didn’t do justice to my own #aprincipalsday, but I returned from Winter Break to a few crises to attend to, and they just didn’t warrant any tweeting.

I saw principals wearing science goggles, shoveling snow, serving lunch, bragging about staff, smiling with students and beginning (and sometimes ending) the day in the dark.  I saw bus duty, dismissal duty, clean ups, staff meetings and reading and playing with students.  It was a full day for all of us.  And reassuring that we each face similar battles and triumphs, struggles and joys.  It’s the people we work with (and for) who brighten our day most.  It’s the strange things that bring on eye rolling (yep, you can see it through the tweet) like the freakishly cold weather in the midwest and north east and seemingly lackluster but absolutely necessary tasks we find ourselves attending to… it’s just never dull.

So thank you Ed Week for throwing out the plan and to Curt for sharing it with me.  I felt a sweet camaraderie with my fellow principals across the Twitterverse.  And my own crises of the day came to positive conclusions.  It was a great day, #aprincipalsday.


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