Email traffic signals back to school & post-Winter break challenges

It’s been a glorious two week winter break with plenty of fun and relaxation.  We return to school with students on Wednesday and have a professional development day tomorrow.  Today was the signal that we’re back to work… the emails began arriving.

I actually worked most of the day anyway, but it’s a different vibe to work at the dining table, sipping multiple lattes and watching my boys play.  Nothing pressing needed to get done so I was fairly productive, especially for at home work.  I don’t know how folks do it who work from home regularly.  I’d have to lock myself in a closet.

Lucky for me, I left work at work for the two weeks.  I read four books (none leadership or education oriented).  I dragged the boys to Cirque du Soleil which they begrudgingly enjoyed.  We even took in a beautiful morning at the beach.  Christmas was a fun-filled day watching our boys play with new things, set up their “gaming room” and generally soak in the Christmas cheer.  Candlelight service at church was a total blessing.  We even pulled off our annual neighborhood Christmas Eve Brunch and New Year’s Eve bonfire–our neighborhood rocks!

Am I rested?  Yes.  Am I ready to return?  Yes and no.

Post-winter break signals a shift to 15-16 planning which is a time of the school year I have yet to master.  It’s a juggling act that makes my head spin.  Transitional kinder and kindergarten registration, tours, finishing up teacher evals for 14-15, staff conversations for 15-16, enrollment projections and 6th grade promotion activities….

My strategy for this year is to let 15-16 NOT overwhelm my present-ness in 14-15.  There are staff meetings.  Fine.  There are enrollment updates.  Fine.  But my normal stewing about what-ifs and scenarios just cannot make for another crazy second half of the year as it has the last few.  Get a handle on it, Catina.

So the emails are flying and it’s back to work tomorrow.  Happy 2015!


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