People. My #oneword for 2015

Who are these People I dedicate my precious #oneword to for 2015?

My boys.

Josh and Jacob are growing up so quickly.  They need my listening ear and focused attention for friendships, homework, digital and analog creations, life lessons…. all of it.

The hubby.

Life just speeds by… our relationship needs me in it 100%.

Extended Family.

A lot of people to spread myself between.  Whether it’s a 5 minutes phone call or an overnight visit, it’s valuable time.  Make the most of it.

Grant School Staff

My office door is (almost) always open.  I visit their classrooms, talk about their accomplishments and challenges, their families and plans, their needs and wants.  I try to be a completely present listener and allow my teacher-self to be a part of my decision-making.

Grant School Students

What a hoot!  I love these kids.  They also benefit from my open door office policy bringing fundraising and philanthropic ideas, suggestions and notes for my wall, recess concerns and hugs.  How can you not make time for students?!?!  #1 in my work day.


It’s a beautiful time suck.  Oxymoronic but true.  My few but amazing Voxer groups, my local colleagues, my overwhelmingly inspirational Twitter feed, this blog… and all the other ways I connect.  I just love the learning, sharing and connecting.  It’s rejuvenating for me.  And of course these are part of my People.  These are People who keep me fresh, challenge my thinking, inspire my work and make me laugh.

So the bottom line is People come first.  And of course down time is necessary.  Exercise, reading, blogging… all of that.  But as I prioritize and choose one precious word, I choose People.


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