This is the Sweet Spot; don’t miss it.

A brief observation:

So much of any given school year is spent straddling the current and future year.  Right now, in these precious few months, things are running, back-to-school stuff is done, and we’re in the sweet spot of here and now.  It doesn’t last long.

Shortly after the holidays end, the straddling time between 14-15 and 15-16 begins.  Where my mind is in constant flux between current planning and future planning, enrollment, kindergarten tours, budget wrap up and budget projection, staffing and facilities’ needs over summer break….

I enjoy this time as much as possible.  It’s the simplest time of year for me.  <holding back hysterical laughter>  Evaluations are chugging along, classroom visits happen with regularity, students come and go, learning and laughing together, parents are finishing conferences with their student’s teacher and everyone is looking forward to the holidays.

To keep myself grounded and enjoying this time of year, I’m reading The Happiness Advantage and Quiet Leadership.  Some inspiring words to buoy me through to 2015.



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