Inspirational Colleagues… I just can’t choose!

This post is just a great, big love fest.  You’ve been warned.

My colleagues are amazing.  The Blog Challenge is about my most inspirational colleague.  That just isn’t reality for our elementary admin team.  So let me share some of our #petk12 goodness and why I love working with these folks.

Matthew Harris.  Earnest, thoughtful, 100% heart for kids.  Matt and his staff have built a robust community around his small, 4th-6th grade school (plus TK).  Matt is our always-in-a-tie, gentle giant.  I value Matt because he listens more than he talks (not true for all of us <sheepish look>).  And when he speaks, I’m listening closely.  #babyontheway

Sheila Garvey.  Unflappable.  Don’t you just love that word?  Sheila is one calm lady.  And I just love being around her.  She’s new to administration (like most of our team) and is always working to improve her leadership and practice.  She doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her which is a trait I aspire to and admire.  #3responseoptions

Amy Fadeji.  Energy, energy, energy.  She’s a total go-getter and looking to honor the work of teachers at every turn.  You know people who never seem to sleep?  I think Amy’s one of those.  When we’re all down, taking ourselves way too seriously, Amy is the colleague to elevate our spirits and get us back on track.  #divein

Fran Hansell.  Welcome to #petk12 Fran!  I admire Fran for her positive outlook in a challenging situation.  She’s joined a campus which has gone through some leadership turnover in the last three years.  That’s got to be hard.  And on top of that it’s a K-8 year-round charter with a rich and weighty history.  How to get up to speed with so much recent change, a large age span of learners and a pedagogy steeped in history and unique vision? #doctoralstudent

Maureen Rudder.  My rock.  Maureen and I have the longest tenure in our district and she’s done just about every job there is (certificated, classified and admin).  And she’s got a GREAT memory.  So when it comes to perspective and background, everyone needs a Maureen!  And I worry every time she mentions retirement.  Oh no, Maureen, you love it here, remember? #henrysgrandma

Emily Kleinholz.  Now this is going to sound silly, but Emily has an amazing vocabulary.  There are many other traits to highlight but I’m such a word-geek that I can’t think beyond it when I consider this colleague.  She uses AWESOME words in her everyday speech.  It rocks!  Do you ever talk with someone where you’d like to jot most of what they say?  I work with this person.  She makes me feel stupid, and I love it.  #weird

So when I’m asked, Who was or is your most inspirational colleague and why?  I just can’t go there.  We, as a team, balance each other, bring varied skills and knowledge to our work and never shy away from lending a hand.  So my most inspirational colleague is our TEAM.  Cheesy?  Sure.  True?  Yep.

*My apologies if I’ve left out other amazing things you bring to our team.  I’m not writing a novel here folks.


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