My Work Space: Day 5 Reflective Teaching Blog Challenge

This is a tough one to tweak from the original Blog Challenge.  But here goes.

My office has one awesome feature: a huge picture window to the front of school.  I’m in a total fishbowl which I love.  Bright, natural light and lots of waving to neighbors walking, kids hoisting the flags, and parents arriving for pick up (my cue to head outside).


The downside to the space is the lack of space.  It’s small.  I don’t need to be in my office much but it would be nice to have a larger than 5 person meeting.  And when I’m not in my office, it’s used by a lot of other people–anyone who’s looking for a space, really.  So a more accommodating table, work space, seating area would be lovely.

But let’s just be clear.  I would NEVER trade my big window for a larger space that was land-locked.  No way.




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