What I miss most about teaching… can you guess?

I’m tweaking today’s Blogging Challenge prompt a bit. Not What do I love most about teaching? but What do I miss most about teaching?

My first reaction was obvious, the students.  But it isn’t that simple.  Now, as site principal, they’re all mine, not just my set of 30.  And I feel that way about our kids.  I have a gigantic classroom of 385.

So as individuals, I don’t miss them.  But I do miss the learning moments, the break-throughs, the crazy things kids say during a discussion, the insights of the very young and their struggles (hard to watch) that lead to fist bumps and smiles and high fives (that are amazing).

It’s that back and forth of teaching and learning that I miss.  The intimate relationship that fosters learning unique to each kid in the room.  And noticing just what is needed to keep encouraging, keep the momentum going, keep the bar high but attainable.

My job as site leader and manager just doesn’t feel that subtle or nuanced.  It probably is, but compared to student reactions, adults just don’t do it for me.   The teaching and learning of adults is a totally different animal.  One I’m still figuring out.

My favorite valentine.

My favorite valentine.

My favorite valentine that definitely made it in my annual scrapbook.  Now I just need to maintain that connection to teaching.  Keep putting myself in situations where I can enjoy the learning moments, break-throughs and crazy discussion contributions.

Now What don’t I miss?  Report cards.  Period.  End of list.  #duh


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