Fired Up for a New Year!

It’s T minus eight days until students arrive, ready for a year of learning and fun.  I can’t wait!!  Are we ready?  We are always ready!

But really, back to reality for a moment.

Summer snafus delayed floor waxing until this week.  Dang!

Enrollment remains in flux.  Totally normal.  Totally unsettling.

Launched online re-registration and the questions keep flooding in.  Happy to help.

Three positions remain to be filled.  Not looking for just a warm body.  Searching for the best for our students and staff.

So are we ready?  Attitude is everything.  And we’ve got that in spades.

A new school year is always an exciting time.  Not many other professions have a reset button the way school does.  We give it 110% and then we get to tweak what we do to make it even better.  Reset with oomph!


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