Excited for CA Google Summit: Attitude is Everything!

This weekend marks the 3rd Annual CA Google Summit.  I’ve pleased to say I’ve attend both prior events, going for 3 for 3!  It’s a SUPER Google-y event with lots of familiar faces, PLN tweeps to meet f2f and lots brand new folks to meet.

I recently attended a mini-conference with three colleagues and on the drive home, was asked, “Did you get anything out of that?”  The question was a valid one.  I’ve attended a few conferences that I won’t attend again.  My response was quick and genuine, “Of course!”  But she pushed me a bit, “Didn’t you know most of that information?”

“Yes.  And no.”

It’s a belief about learning, in general.  Attitude is everything.  I can sit in any conference session with a fixed mindset, arms crossed (physically or mentally), rolling my eyes (physically or mentally) and just think Good grief.  Tell me something I don’t know.

First of all, what an ass.  Second of all, why go if that’s your stance? And third, get over yourself!  There’s always something new, a deeper application, a novel approach, some new bit or piece that you’ve neglected to make use of.

Our subsequent conversation about learning was valuable, for both of us.  My colleague seemed relieved that I’m always learning something new and often overwhelmed by my own goals to learn and do more.  It was good for me to put words around my feelings on learning at conferences.  No such thing as one and done.

Attitude is everything! My boys laugh at me as I suggest a walk on the bird trail at Doran Beach. We spotted some cool birds; they ended up enjoying it.

So with the 3rd Annual CA Google Summit on the horizon, my Attitude is everything.  I’m ready to be a learner, a facilitator of learning, a listener, a risk-taker, and set even more goals for myself and our school.  A growth mindset, arms open to the possibilities, eyes determined and focused, thinking This is awesome!  I can’t wait to share with others!

Whether I’ll see you at Summit or not, how’s your attitude?


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