Admonishment from a Parent… thank you!



A gentle admonishment from a parent… just what I needed to 1) have a good chuckle at myself, 2) step away from my phone, and 3) cut myself some slack in general.

Do you catch yourself taking things WAY TOO SERIOUSLY?  It’s a tough call.  We are talking about hundreds of students, responsibility to staff and 24/7 communication channels to remind us of all the work yet to be done.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  Or perhaps a mental breakdown.  Or a call for better balance.

I’m going with the latter.  For the past two or three weeks, I have not looked at email once I’ve arrived home from work.  It’s been a good mental transition for me.  And when questioned, “Did you get my email?” I gently respond, “If it was sent between me leaving the office and arriving, then no, but be assured, all email is read and addressed.”  This works well.  It sets up a boundary.  It’s not rude or defensive.  Just the facts, ma’am: I work and then I leave work.

But then I do engage…. ugh!  And I get the perfect response (see above).  An appreciative thanks and gentle admonishment to “Stop working on a Saturday!”

I do work a few hours each weekend.  Usually on things that keep me ticking–reading blogs, participating in a Twitter chat, writing, researching… but this ‘work’ is my choice.  If it didn’t sound so pathetic to my own ear, I’d say these things were hobbies.  [let’s pretend I didn’t say that]

I love my job so much it’s mudged into the realm of hobby.  Yep, said it again.  But that’s how I feel.  There’s the famous quip about teachers and 3 reasons for loving their job.  So far from the truth for educators that love their work.  And administrators.

So, no more email this weekend.  A brief blog post, because I love it.  Process my thinking, get it out, better my practice.  Check. Check. and Check.

Happy weekend all!  And here’s to better balance!


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