The Face of Our School… so proud.

Today is Administrative Professional’s Day.

As I handed a bouquet of flowers to our secretary (yes, that’s what we call her), I tried to make sense of this day’s title that doesn’t jive with our role.

“Today is Administrative Professional’s Day, old Secretary’s Day…,” and before I could begin, Michelle started giggling.

“Who are you calling old?”

“Oh geez.  That’s bad.  Let’s just call it Office Guru’s Day.  Thank you for all you do!” and we laughed and got the day rolling.

Our office staff rocks!  Shantina and Michelle are the face of our school.  To a fault, you will always get a smile, a genuine greeting and all the time you need to get your question answered, forms done properly or calendar clarified.

Our Office Gurus

Our Office Gurus

I give them both a hard time, but it’s with a full and grateful heart.  “If I hear one more compliment about you two…”  “Just was thanked profusely for having such helpful and patient office staff.”  “It is always such a pleasure to phone your school.”  And on and on and on…

But let’s consider the alternative.  No smile, no greeting, no help.  Even with just one of these, the scenario changes dramatically.  We are so lucky at our school.  And I make it a large part of my work to ensure that these ladies know it at every possible turn.  Elementary school is a family.  These Office Gurus are the warm hugs, good mornings and bandaids that spell family and love.

Now don’t get me wrong, we threaten to close the nurse’s office if one more kid needs ice or is here to complain about a hangnail.  We tire of late slips and answering the same question over and over again.  But it’s like the commercial said, Never let them see you sweat. 

When the going gets tough, these friends lean on each other, laugh more often and celebrate the never-a-dull-moment that is elementary school.  The health pass accompanied by a verbal request for an x-ray.  The Valentine’s Card that says, You are the best ladies of the office.  Two kindergarteners arrive, How can I help you?   They exchange a look, We forgot.

So it’s officially Office Guru Day at Grant School and not just on April 23rd.  Every day we are thankful for this Dynamic Duo!  The face of our school is rock solid.



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