A Reading List Update… so much to read, so little time!

First, a personal admonishment…. What happened to the blog, Catina?!?!  Busy is an easy excuse.  I need to write to get it out… to process my work and thinking… to get it off my mind, shoulders and heart.

So with that out of the way, What am I reading these days?  Where to begin?

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor was inspired by a session at Leadership 3.0 Symposium.  I’m enjoying it.  From an already cup-half-full point-of-view, I find the book to be very uplifting, pragmatic and research-oriented (which I totally geek out on).

Visual Thinking Strategies was a purchase inspired by Sheila Garvey (@sheilagarvey2) or better, nagged into my Amazon basket (nagged with love, you’ll love it, Catina).  Guess what?  She’s right.  Now how to build this in without adding yet another program.

Percy Jackson’s The Mark of Athena or something like that.  Rick Riordan has woven an amazing set of series that have me hooked!  Started reading them with my son, and we continue to read together but he needs to keep quiet and not give away any juicy parts!  Obviously, when my mind is too full or too tired, Percy Jackson is the antidote.

The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon… actually finished this one last night.  Wow!  There are two other titles in a cycle of novels set around the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, but they can be read in any order.  I recently cleaned out our book shelves and realize I may have put the earlier two titles in the “take to Copperfield’s” pile… Yikes!  I need to get them out and read them again.  Pure fiction with a literary, historic, Count of Monte Cristo flavor.  Right up my alley.

Other great reads to wet your literary appetite.

Other great reads to wet your literary appetite.

I sure hope you’re reading something uplifting, enlightening, entertaining or brain-bending!



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