Things improve… why do we focus on gripes?

Is it about always wanting more?  On behalf of students, I can get behind that.  Is it about a constant state of dissatisfaction?  Is it just being human?

Lots of good things are happening on our campus right now albeit later than we anticipated or desired.  And I mostly hear “but what about ….”

I don’t need to be thanked.  Let’s be clear.  None of this was my doing.  But for a moment, can’t we sit in the happiness of improvement and forward stepping changes?  Ok, if not happiness, at least contentment?

And the majority of folks are content.  Typical human being that I am, I allow the Negative Nancys of the world to cloud of thinking and get my goat.  Perhaps a later post on goat-getting topic.

To the adage, The only person you can control is yourself.  How do I react when good is happening?  Do I want more?  Do I stop, pause, enjoy the accomplishment/action/change or do I just right to “but what about …?”

We’d probably all like to think we aren’t that person.  I sure do.  But it does provide a nice mirror for reflection.  And of course the hard work is never done.  To do/wish list grows exponentially while the done list is quite short.  I should give both lists their equal due.

Take away: Consider how I communicate about accomplishments at school and with the broader community.  Do I tag on a “but what about…” rather than enjoying the moment and resting it in before adding my next set of gripes?


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