Nothing like a power outage to snap you out of a funk.

I rarely have a bad day at work.  Ok, ‘bad day’ might be the wrong phrase… I rarely experience a bad mood at school.  That’s better.  I exercise every morning, read the paper, sip my latte, get my boys ready and we head out the door.  I feel awake and ready for the day at a school I love.

Last Wednesday this was NOT THE CASE.  Such an odd sensation, walking onto campus feeling such a thick funk of bad mood around me.  Nothing to put my finger on, nothing in the day to put me off, just a funk.  I didn’t have a place I’d rather be, but… ugh.  That’s pretty much it–ugh.

Of course, it was our weekly assembly day.  So I put on my smile, checked in with our student leadership team, picked up the microphone and got on with it.

To most students and parents, (I hope) my smile worked.  Those that know me well could (I’m sure) see it was stuck in one position and without joy behind it.

Fast forward to 9:45am, blink blink blink dark.  First thought: that probably just killed my computer.  Next thought: do we get to send the kids home?  Third thought: get off your rear and make a plan!

And so I did.  Our head custodian, secretary and clerk got on our cell phones and started getting the situation in hand.  Power outage neighborhood-wide, district office is aware, Pacific Gas & Electric is sending crews out to investigate, Remind101 alert to staff about status, students are staying–it’s an early day.  Our clerk went around to classrooms to finish role by hand, our library coordinator checked in to see how she could help (flashlights in the adult bathrooms please).

In hindsight, my funk was a result of a fairly unscheduled week.  How weird.  I should have relished the freedom to be out in classrooms, catch up on tasks, etc.  But I think (and correct me if I’m wrong here), but I think I was a bit rudderless.  My schedule drives my day.  That’s pretty simple.  During the lulls between meetings and tasks, I visit classrooms–that’s how a day runs.  But without much on the schedule, I was lost?  Just typing that out now, after a week of consideration and I’m just not sure.

Akin to the last weeks of summer vacation… the definition of too much free time and kids just want to get back to school, routine, friends, a schedule.

Not to psychoanalyze the situation too much, after all, bad moods do happen.  A few takeaways from the power outage:

1) What did we ever do without cell phones!?!?

2) Remind101 is the way to go–one way text communication to staff re. updates, plans, sched changes.

3) PG&E rocks!  A 1pm predication of power on turned into an 11am–Let there be light! (and phones)

4) Admin should know the campus well–an understatement perhaps, but it was key that I knew all student bathrooms have skylights and that our multi-use room is REALLY dark even with windows and emergency lighting.  Without taking a long walk around, I was able to start making decisions and giving directions.

And no worries, I’m back on track.  The power outage got me all straightened out.  Not the recommended cure for a bad mood but surprisingly effective.


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