Happy Valentine’s Day!

A few Valentine-y Thoughts to start my Friday…

I love the students I get to work with… their scrapped knees, thoughtfully furrowed brows, their earnest concerns and ideas.

I love to watch them work and see a twinkle in their eyes–a twinkle of struggle, triumph or a new idea.

I love to watch them play, argue then play some more.

I love the staff I get to work with… their points of view, their expertise, their grumblings and their laughter.

I love to talk with them, listen and chew on tough situation and decisions together.

I love impromptu hallway catch-up conversations and funny stories of kids.

I love the parents I get to work with, that they are always focused on their child, that they help our school in so many ways.

I love to watch them drop their darlings at school each day and greet them at pick up.

I love to see the bustle of volunteer activity and listen to their concerns and work toward solutions together.

When I am most distraught, most worn out, most overwhelmed, I think of all these people I get to work with and I feel better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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