#wired/inspired episode 1: Reflection (part A)

First off, and probably least critical to the whole concept, is how much I dislike watching myself on video.  Ugh.  Despite adding some intelligent commentary to our 1st episode, it’s just painful to watch myself.  That’s goal #1… figure out how I can tolerate watching myself.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Now to the meat of our discussion (sort of).

Here’s  a link to the GOA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqgJ6HfYKJU

My two favorite lines of the morning: “loose knit but super tight” and “brought together by Twitter, edcamp and destiny.”

Both gems by Eric Saibel who got the GOA kicked off.  He was talking about the six of us and how we got connected.  Both 100% accurate statements.

We launched into a discussion of professional development and how to keep the learning alive.  We all struggle with making this connection on our sites, managing the expectations on teachers’ shoulders, building space and time for sharing and ensuring these learning opportunities are time/money/resources well spent. “One and done,” was mentioned by Katy as the opposite of our goal for outside professional development.  Sergio threw out a challenge about sharing.  Why can’t a teacher “be a ninja in his classroom?”  Why would we expect a teacher to be an expert on a topic they just learned?  Great questions.  Amy and I chimed it about the definition of sharing.  And maybe we should shift from sharing to an expectation of applying first.  An audience of 1 or 20 or 40 is fantastic.  We’re looking for little ripples to build confidence and competence and looking out for ripples to become waves of change.  Eric encouraged a space on campus to highlight conference/training attendance.

It was good to talk it out.  And figure out my own calls-to-action on this topic.  California Google Summit is July 19/20… #edcampEB is March 1 (thank Adam for spearheading edcamp in Martinez, CA)… This is a perfect time to consider a plan, a format for sharing and an improved definition so that our teachers at Grant School are comfortable choosing based on their own interest, their own students’ needs, their own professional growth and the idea of ripple effect, large or small, when they return to campus.

Thanks #teamnorthbay!  Always love to collaborate, learn and push my thinking.


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