Boredom…. I don’t buy it.

Warning: Peeve Post

Teacher’s kids really have it rough sometimes.  We’ve seen and heard it all or at least most of it.

For my kids (and my other 400 kids at school), boredom is not tolerated.  The standard response to my younger son, “You’re 9.  You can’t be bored.”   Something I truly believe.  Or the harsher line (usually reserved for my older son and grown-ups), “Only boring people get bored.”  I’m sure that’s stolen from someone else, and I just love it.

Boredom is really….

I don’t know what to do right now.

Nothing I can think of is occupying my mind.

I don’t know how to enter the conversation/activity around me.

An ‘I’m bored’ seems to expect others to entertain you or find something for you to do.  You’re a human being, for crying out loud!  You have an amazing mind, a creative spirit and (at my house) lots of stuff and people to interact with.  Do I look like the Camp Activities Director?  No.

Part of my lack of tolerance is that I’m NEVER bored.  There is so much I always want to do… piles of books, half finished blog posts, my treadmill, awesome neighbors, recipes to try, friends I’d love to see…. I always need more than 24 hrs in a day.  So what’s the deal with kids?

My kids are learning not to say it and solve their own dilemma.  Thank goodness.

But many, many others (my 400 other kids) use I’m bored way too often.  And many adults validate the sentiment and/or try to solve the situation for them.

I’m sure folks have written many a book, dissertation and diatribe on the subject.  For me, I’m thrilled when I hear I’m bored followed by… Don’t say it mom.  I know.  I’m solving my problem.  



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