#nerdlution and #edcampgift On follow-through & community

Of the great big waterfall that is information on Twitter, two hashtags jump out for me in these past days–#nerdlution and #edcampgift.

My initial post on #nerdlution is here.  So far, 100% success.  I’m feeling good, writing more and enjoy the energy that comes from other such positive tweets.

#edcampgift is even more than community-based.  It’s about reflecting on my three edcamp experiences, re-reading notes and blog posts, reliving great moments and continuing to learn from other edcampers.

At my own school, I just LOVE any all-school events.  I work hard to make our weekly assembly meaningful, interesting and student-centered.  We do 3-4 Problems of the Month per year involving all 400 students.  Read Across America is an other wonderful event that brings the whole school together.  Honestly I can’t remember how I felt about such things when in the classroom, probably because some floated my boat and others did not.  As principal, I get a great vibe from the campus when we are all on a journey together.  Should be something I can say everyday, but math (as a journey together) does not have the poignancy has Digging Dinosaurs (our current Problem of the Month) or Dr. Seuss’s birthday (part of Read Across America).

And when the whole school is participating, everyone feels their responsibility.  WE is motivating for ME.

And that’s just the case with these two Twitter events… I’m keeping up (true confession: couldn’t figure out quickly  enough how to post from Dropbox to Twitter yesterday for #edcampgift Will do that today… @mrsfadeji will help me).

For me, community involvement encourages my follow-through.  In and of myself, I procrastinate, make excuses and find other things to do.  But a community (school site, family, Twitter, fill-in-the-blank) keeps me focused, makes me see the WE without be dragged down by ME.

Join our #nerdlution and share your #edcampgift or get connected to an upcoming edcamp experience.


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