Let the #NerdLution begin! (day 1)

Inspired by @colbysharp and #NerdLution Round 1

I accomplish challenging tasks better in a group.  Peer pressure (both positive and negative) has an overall positive impact on me in most adult situations (no flashbacks to the teen years, please).  So when I read Colby Sharp’s blog inspired by a Thanksgiving Day conversation on Twitter (of course), I was ready to jump on the #NerdLution train!

Writing is a passion that ebbs and flows for me through the years.  At times I’m ravenous in the search for the right word or the melodic turn of phrase and always excited about a brand new word to learn.  I embrace that nerd in me.  But the ebb and flow is about time, emotional state, other commitments and…. time.  <sigh>

As of late, I have carved out some time for writing while on the treadmill.  Yes, I’ve seen the awful videos of folks falling/slipping/launching off treadmills.  Try not to be alarmed.  I walk at a brisk, sweat inducing pace while typing on my Chromebook.  If anyone is reading this, I’ll bet you’ve carved out a bit of Twitter/blog reading time in between family, work, home, friends and sleep.  Just like me, I carved out a bit of time where I otherwise might have cut my walk short or not done it at all, and now it flies by and a lot gets accomplished, even something I love–writing!

Colby’s second part of the #NerdLution is exercise.  There I need all the help I can get!  I hate it.  Not a word I like to hear nor say but very fitting here.  I have yet to find a type of exercise (other than my kayak) that I would go to happily everyday.

Sidebar: From my position on my treadmill in the garage, I have a nice view into the rafters of my beautiful orange, dusty kayak.  <sigh again>

So today kick’s off my #NerdLution (with at least 100 others, based on ballpark Twitter mentions).  For the next 50 days, I’ll be on the treadmill each morning and writing everyday.  Perhaps not all published here, but writing nonetheless.

Thanks Colby!



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