David and Goliath, first impressions

Our #petk12 leadership book club is tackling two titles out of the gate: Mindset and David and Goliath.  I’m reading the latter while visiting family for Thanksgiving. 

So far, it’s standard Gladwell in tone and style.  I like the ebb and flow of narrative, data, analysis and juxtaposition of examples.

I did get a bit lost in the data around class size and thankfully, the author knew that was coming with a ‘Did you follow all that?’ after a particularly dense paragraph.  Nope, didn’t follow that.  But the next section clarified the point (no spoilers here).

I’ve attended a few of my nephew’s basketball games while here and so one of the first stories about a skill-deficient girls basketball team turned it around with a full court press strategy.  The reading and watching helped me understand the ‘David’ in the coach’s thinking.  Note: I’m just knowledgeable about most sports to be pretty annoying.

As a book club pick, we made a good choice in this title. The questions and discussion points spill from the pages. Thanks to @morudder for the suggestion!

Need a book for your Thanksgiving break?  Malcolm Gladwell never disappoints.


One thought on “David and Goliath, first impressions

  1. Hi Catina,
    I read Gladwell’s David and Goliath. His thesis is intriguing and some of the examples make his point better than others. As usual, he challenged my thinking which is why I read his work. I’d love to chat once you finish to compare notes.

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