What’s Mrs. Haugen reading?

I read a lot.  What I don’t do so well is share what I’m reading.  With students.   And staff.

Our superintendent sent out an email asking about interest in a #petk12 book club.  As I was the first to respond, it became Catina’s book club.  Interesting.  Happy to help out.

And with staff, I’ll through out a quote or title I think they might enjoy.  I’ve handed staff members books that shouted their name or classroom as I read.  A for effort Catina, but now what?

I’m changing that today.  If you walk into my office or home, it’s clear that I’m a reader.  My sharing of titles has been minimal.   But I think I need to make the subtle obvious.

Step 1: I tweeted @grantshamrocks what I’m reading.Screenshot 2013-11-09 at 9.23.14 AM

Step 2: On Tuesday, I’ll find a good spot in the office to post a cover pic as well. (and repeat Step 1 & 2 as the title changes.  Not leaving out professional reading.)

Step 3: Via conversation with our library coordinator, figure out how to get the kids publicizing what they’re reading.

Step 3 is where I need help.  Google form that I feed to something visual on website and wiki?  Padlet type app for students to share from?  Low-tech-style white board outside the office each morning?  A handful of shout-outs from students during weekly assembly?  Can I include staff with students?  Yes, seems logical, but am I missing something?

Any and all ideas & feedback are welcome.  Thanks!



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