Problem of the Month is tomorrow–super excited!

Problem of the Month (from is something we started last year.  It promotes school-wide math conversations, a shared math experience and a celebration of growth around the SMPs (Standards for Mathematical Practices).

Tomorrow is our first #POM of the year.  ‘of the Month’ is a misnomer.  We don’t do one each month.  Our goal this year is four throughout the year.  That’s perfect.

So tomorrow, I’ll cover the multi walls with amazing math work–posters, problems, drawings, diagrams and thinking.  I can’t wait!  And in the middle of our multi, I have math activities planned for our students.  The whole event circles around the Measuring Up #POM.  It starts with Stone Soup and ends with irregular measurements and equivalents.

2nd grade #POM

2nd grade #POM

I can’t wait!  It’s my major kid-fix as the year rolls on.  Two or three classes come into the multi where I greet them, acknowledge the work they did on our #POM, explain the Gallery Walk & Math Morning and set them loose.  Then… the best part, I can visit and eavesdrop on their conversations!  These kids have a lot to say about math and their reasoning.  It’s great.  Classes visit through the morning, up to lunchtime.

Stay tuned for a post #POM post tomorrow!  I ❤ Math!


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