Nothing to say–How can that be?

It’s a major understatement in education to say, “It’s been a crazy few days,” or “What a wild day!”

And I’m feeling ambit empty when it comes to my blog. Disappointed to that I’m not my normal reflective self.  What am I doing with my days that I’m left with nothing to analyze, consider or tweak via writing?

Not a fair question.  I’m plenty busy, and my mind is very full.  Perhaps too full for reflective space. Did I just invent a phrase?  Reflective space.  I’m so full of doing that I’m out of room for ruminating.

I opened this new post thinking I might just grab a recent event: Smarterbalance field testing conversation, successful Learning Team meetings, a visit to two district SDC classrooms.  But the spark wasn’t there and I shifted to my motive for blogging to begin with.  Very #connectededucator of me.

My blog is part of how I process my own learning and growth as a leader and lead learner.  And if there’s no processing (for the moment), that’s OK.  It’ll come.  Lord knows the days are busy enough. There’s no shortage of fodder for consideration.  It just takes a bit more space than I’ve got at the moment.


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