Connected Educator Month–what’s my plan?

October is Connected Educator Month.  I identify myself as ‘connected.’  But what am I going to do to push myself during the month of October?

I’ve been taking some time to sort, cull and add to my blog lists on Feedly.  It’s been a chore.  But I’m getting to a place where what’s in the feed, I actually read.  My blog lists were first adopted from another educator’s list… I don’t even remember who.  But you have to start somewhere.  And from there, my tastes, interests and areas of focus have developed and sharpened.  I can ‘unsubscribe’ or search for blogs that suit my needs better.  I’m happy with the work I’ve put into it.

So for Connected Educator Month, my #1 goal is commenting on the blogs I read.  Something simple, something complex, agreement or questioning… connection is a two-way street.  My read-only status is limiting my connectedness.

My second goal is to include Connected Educator Month in my weekly bulletins.  I have a weekly section called Tech Tips, Let’s Get Geeky!  Well during the month of October, I can share blogs I follow, scheduled events for the month and invite staff to attend a Twitter chat with me or at least watch a Twitter chat scroll by.

My final (old, on-going but super important) goal is to keep providing 1:1 support to staff who need it.  I still firmly believe that growth, learning, and motivation around technology  does not follow a schedule or rhythm.  Strike while the fire’s hot!  I threw out a How to Use Twitter on a Tuesday after school about a month ago.  Now four more teachers know a little bit more about Twitter.  And one actually has an account!  I sit down with a teacher to walk through how to Make a Copy of a Google Doc…. then rename it to make it your own.  5 minutes–done!  And that teacher is better equipped to use the tools provided.  In as much as well-planned, thoughtful PD can reach teachers and be effective, it will never anticipate needs as much as in-the-moment PD.  This is by no means the exclusive delivery method, but in the spirit of Connected Educators, I need to connect to staff in need and coach them up.  We need to do that for each other… and that comes full circle.  Connectedness is a two-way street.  Here we go!


One thought on “Connected Educator Month–what’s my plan?

  1. Catina, Great post! Thank you for your reminder about the importance of commenting on blog posts. You’re right. The read-only status does limit our connectedness. Just found your blog and I plan to follow it (and yes, comment). I also appreciated what you wrote about providing coaching support to staff. This is key for deeper learning.

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