What’s Best for Students.

It’s a common statement and question in education. We strive to couch all decisions within this. 

But what IS best for students?  It assumes all students are equal. 

1:1 check in is good for student A.  Modified homework is best for student B.  Less talking, more doing is better for student C.

So when we talk generally about What is best for students, we aren’t being very real.  We’re being generic.  Thoughtful-yes.  Caring, yes.  Student centered, yes.  But not specific.

I’ve always been a fan of this phrase. I don’t want to ever lose sight of the WHY of teaching.  It’s students.

So how can we stay true to our most important audience and address their idiosyncrasies and uniqueness?

I’m thinking of some sort of analogy between a telescope and magnifying glass. The meta and the micro.  The gestalt and the specific.  It’s a balance.

And can we be at fault so long as we are struggling with all of this in the right context?!?!  The context is STUDENTS. ALWAYS STUDENTS

Happy Friday. 


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