Day 13, year 3–still overwhelmed

I keep thinking it’s going to get easier.  But in reality, new situations keep cropping up.  Easier is the wrong descriptor.  I feel more competent, more confident.  I know who to call.  But easier seems elusive.

Discussing a difficult divorce with a student, struggling with how best to support a too-full first grade, wanting to blog with our student leadership team, filling in as librarian…. It’s the epitome of dynamic.  Never dull.  Full of variety.

But some days feel like I’m drowning.  And not for the betterment of students. That’s the WORST feeling.  When I cry at my desk because I’m overwhelmed by the details, chores, management of the job and lose site of students. Yuck.

I sought refuge in an inspiring video post by @justintarte last week. First, a bit of spoken word got me to stop crying:
Then a bit of kid pep talk,, got me off my butt and out with students. The lists can wait.

So, no, not easier.  But I’ve got my strategies, my folks to lean on, my Tweeps and above all else, students to serve. 

I love my job.


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