Here they come; There they go. 1st day back in the office.

We started with a bang!  Michelle, our secretary, and I had a quick catch up session then the phones began ringing. 

We are in a weird predicament of needing a few more students to maintain staffing.  There is a housing development going up quickly nearby that will house future students of ours. So we do the math and wait.

Today you might have thought our front door was a fancy revolving door from some swanky, old hotel. Two come in the door, one cum request comes in and one phone call about a family moving.  Two more call to say they’ve just moved in.  An email shares that one has already enrolled and started at our nearby year round campus.

Life gets complicated. Jobs change, needs change, situations are altered.

At the end of the day, we were +1 for students. Better than negative.

And with four boxes of mail, two boxes from the internal mail system (the pony), and a box of registration paperwork we’ve got plenty to do.  I need to be patient as the dust settles and families sort out their enrollment choices.

I do think a fancy revolving door would be fun.  Is there  rule against that?


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