EdcampMarin… get a little, give a little.

EdcampMarin was Thursday, August 1st.  I headed to Ross School with Ginny and Dana.Screenshot 2013-08-03 at 3.25.48 PM  We met Amy down there–a good showing for Petaluma–4 of us, reading specialist, middle school teacher plus two elementary admin.

I loved the introduction that the coordinators provided–What is Edcamp? and a 10 minute Twitter 101.  Quite a few eggs were hatched that morning.

I had considered what to share the day before.  When I arrived, my ideas had solidified to a topic and taken a loosely organized shape.  Edcamp isn’t the place for polished, listen-to-me-expound-on-xyz type presentations.  I had been hard at work this school year hosting Problem of the Month at our school.  I love it, and I wanted to share the concept and process with others.

Chromebook and dongle–ready!  I shared a site I threw together to hold Common Core Math  resources to share with colleagues, a Dropbox album of POM Gallery Walks and the insidemathematics.org site where the Problems live.

I sweat through the entire thing, but my enthusiasm carried me to the finish line.  A good first foray into presenting to colleagues in the education world who are not folks I know well.  A different situation, for sure.  I think I enjoyed myself, tried to keep a decent pace, a train of thought, answer questions and not forget any of the major points of the project.

The day wrapped up with an intense conversation session about homework and grading hosted by @a_armstrong.  It was one of those conversations that got me fired up while planting a huge ball of dread in my stomach.  This subject really needs some work and it’s daunting work.  Where do you even begin with the way we evaluate student work and the value and intention of homework?  You start with a conversation.  I was hoping to glean from this session some ideas for discussing the homework topic with staff when we return in three weeks.  I got just what I needed.

Met some awesome folks!  Cath was great to chat with (and we have a teacher connection back in Petaluma).  Love to see @McTeach… she’s calm and full of energy all at once.  @elanaleoni and I are practically neighbors and didn’t know it!  Enjoyed chatting with the gal in charge of food for the day (her name, sadly, escapes me at the moment).  She was pushing the bananas and chuckling over Ross’s intolerance of food trucks (she ordered pizza for lunch instead).  I did a better job than normal in this department.  Still pretty reserved when meeting new folks.

Right after lunch a smackdown! ensued.  An idea/tool to share + 2 minutes = a pile of things to try and check out.  Etherpad, padlet, kidblog, sumdog, audioboo.fm, edcanvas, Google culture site, and more.  I need another summer break to work on it all!

And an Edcamp would not be complete without a raffle.  Huge thanks to @mrsfadeji.  She knew I wanted the IntegratED conference tickets, so when her name was called, she grabbed them for me!  So October will be awesome!  Thanks Amy.

I head back to work officially on Monday.  This was a well-timed learning experience.  But wait… there’s more: EdcampSFBay is August 10th and EdcampSonoma is September 7th.  Can’t wait!



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