Teachers Rock! #gafesummit reflection #2

Not the first time we’ve heard how awesome teachers are… some of my favorite people, but it bears saying again after our weekend at the California Google Summit: TEACHERS ROCK!

photo (2)First, Petaluma City Schools had 23 educators at the Summit (although I’m working on confirming that number as we speak–might be more!).  I am so proud to work with and for these folks!  Assistant superintendent to teachers to principals to program managers… it was exciting!  Ok, enough with the exclamation marks, Catina.

I was equal parts excited and anxious for colleagues to attend the Summit.  I knew it was an amazing two days, but would they agree, feel the benefit as I had last year, walk away with too many ideas to know where to begin (in a good way), meet fellow educators that are passionate and committed?  The list of anticipation went on and on.  So I watched them closely.  Are they smiling?  Do they look overwhelmed?  How can I help?  Did you meet so-and-so?  Do you need help finding a room?  Have you heard so-and-so, they’re great.

And so the days went.  How did they look?  Tired.  Excited.  Happy.  Overwhelmed.

Perfect.  That’s exactly how I felt at my first Summit and how I felt at the end of Summit #2.  Now what?

We take it to the kids!! I’m going to quote Kevin Brookhouser again (@brookhouser), correctly this time, via his Autorap mantra–Failure is an option, failure to deliver is not.  We may just adopt that, our modest, motley crew of #PCSk12 #gafesummit-ers.

A brilliant idea emerged at lunch on Day 2.  Let’s make a Google Group for ourselves and plan a Summit Reunion in mid-August.  We’ll share what we’ve tried and practiced, our plans and projects for the classroom and help each other along the learning curve.  Thank you Danna!  That’s perfect.  Done.

We may not be Moonshot Thinkers… yet.  We are starting with a shot toward the troposphere or stratosphere.  We’ll get to the moon eventually.  And our goals are just mad enough that they might work (to quote a Google [X]-er).  Google forms to make projects flow.  Google maps to share the globe with our students.  Google sites to encourage creativity and deep thinking.  The list goes on and on.  And we will deliver!  We will fail too.  Not a problem.  We’ve got one another, the students and fledgling PLNs (a future reflection post topic).

So I begin to wrap my mind around the return to school.  And I think about a comment I overheard toward the end of Day 2 from a teacher with whom I work closely, “This was well worth a weekend.”  Indeed.


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