#notatISTE… a blog post about blogging

Following the twitter feed for #iste13 is nearly impossible.  Fun, exciting, difficult to follow.  I have an occasional pang of jealousy that I’m missing out on all the learning. Then I remember how overwhelmed I was in San Diego last year for ISTE12.  Twitter is better for this conference for me.  I’m much more of a CUE gal. Thanks to @philgriffins for suggesting we blog since we aren’t overflowing with new learning, new relationships and the beauty of San Antonio…


I rejuvenated my blogging on April Fool’s Day this year. I feel like I’ve kept up well. But more importantly, the outlet is huge. When something is on my mind, I can get it out, rant a bit, emote on the subject, generally work through the issue. I’m less focused on some of the ‘tips for blogging’ that increase readers or spark commentary. That might come later, but for now, I think the blog is good for my crowded mind.

I don’t plan my topic (fairly obvious, I think). When I notice I’m chewing on part of my day or a singular event or conversation, that’s when I turn to WordPress. I don’t overly edit my piece either (obvious, again). It’s not a dissertation, and I like the ‘realness’ of the piece. From the horses mouth, so to speak, sans polish.

I think I’ll encourage my colleagues to try it. I wonder though, if you aren’t one who writes to process already, will you find a blog the outlet I believe it to be?


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