A Power Outage-weird

All I keep thinking-1st world problems, Catina. Get over it.

But I find it deeper than that dismissive remark. I can’t remember the last time we lost power in California. So now upon arrival in Minnesota, the power is out. In a big way. We are in a neighborhood of 200, so we’re very low on the list of nearly 200,000 folks without power (according to the latest news).

My own personal need for electricity is weird to consider.  Phone dying, tablet low on power, a flat iron for my hair tomorrow, coffee in the morning, etc.  Nothing that I can’t live without, but I always live WITH these things-it’s weird. And I’m trying to follow #iste13… Can’t do that with dead batteries!

My boys, on the positive side, can’t ask to play Minecraft with their cousins or watch a cartoon.  They’ve been in the pool and playing endless whiffle ball.  Perfect summer fun.

What about the rest of my sister-in-law’s house?  Frigs and freezers to maintain, no more a/c, and the pool without a pump and filter.  And she’s trying to host us–good grief, what a champ! 

So I’m left thinking about electricity and how folks in 2013 cope with such difficulties (sarcasm intended). 

We spent the evening chatting, playing whiffle ball in the yard, swimming, BBQ-ing dinner and generally being together in the glow of the lantern. The Great Outage of Summer ’13.


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