“I’d love to dig holes for Grant School.”

I learned early on as principal around here that no one attends PTA meetings.  I found it very puzzling.  The Association meeting was a repeat of the Board meeting with an additional person or two.  Not joking.

Now you should know that at any given moment, there are at least 20 parent volunteers on our campus.  I’ve counted 35 on a busy Tuesday morning of learning.  There’s no shortage of help.

So what’s the deal with a PTA meeting?  Our community happily signs up for the work, but doesn’t favor a meeting.  It’s a huge statement of trust.  Our PTA budget is nothing to sneeze at, and our community trusts that we (the Board) are handling those funds and decisions appropriately for the betterment of our students and school. 

So no meetings, but ready to get their hands dirty. Field trip drivers, reading group facilitators, art show prep, jogathon host, fundraisers, school yearbook, welcome back coffee, brick patios, school directory.  Our community does it all.

This week I got an email that made my day and illustrates my point.  We are doing a Community Build to install our new kindergarten playground.  In preparation, the holes need to be dug.  One email out and one email in reply.  “I would love to dig holes for Grant School.” Wow.


I am inspired by reactions like this.  Do I step up that quickly? Do I have a smile on my face as I offer my help or support?  Do I avoid raising my hand hoping someone else will?  I hope not.

If I were a quote-as-tattoo kind of person, this might be the quote I’d chose to serve as a constant reminder to raise my hand, smile and step up for others. 


One thought on ““I’d love to dig holes for Grant School.”

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