A Good Days Work

Today I sat on my first hiring committee for a principal as a principal.  I was challenged to understand my role, to put it bluntly.

But as the day unfolded, my confidence was renewed and I found my voice to help the committee move forward. 

I was unsure how to speak up for new, inexperienced principals, reluctant to show bias or familiarity, and a bit overwhelmed by the size of the site’s committee. 

But as the interviews unfolded and my palms sweat with those of the candidates, I found my voice, saw my role.

Being a new principal is all about instructional leadership and passion for teaching and learning. The job, the nuts and bolts of the days, can be learned. We have a solid elementary leadership team.  There is a lot of help and guidance from the group. But the passion for the work is what really matters.

I realized that today.  I thought often of Mindset and Teach Like a Pirate. Growth and passion, relationships and a healthy dose of creativity–that’s the key. 

So today, I did good work.  And the remainder of the process can unfold in my good conscience. I spoke up when it helped, and I was heard and respected in my point of view.


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