“I am a worker.”

So what is “highly skilled?” or “not for you to spend time doing”? 
So I’m the principal-not the Queen of England.


I’m a worker.  I don’t shy from the difficult, the dirty, the unglamorous. I do what needs to be done–band aids, copying, laying brick, raking bark, hanging posters, moving computers, budgets, school plans, professional development, lunch with students, and the like.  I’m not remotely close to a position of “above” anything. If it needs to be done, I can do it just as well as the next person. OK, just as well might be questioned. But I’ll try.

And the point is not about me, but about teachers. This is precisely what teachers do–above and beyond for the sake of our students.  My above and beyond is for the the sake of our teachers and school.  That’s why we’re all here–not for ourselves, but for others.

And occasionally I catch myself in the middle of an absurd task.  I laugh at myself.  Really Catina?  And I reply to myself–Yes, this is why you’re paid my the big bucks.  And I laugh again.  Then smile.

Leadership is huge. I walk my talk, get my hands dirty and take care of our staff and students. I love it. Even when I’m raking bark or wrestling with computer equipment. I expect it of myself just as I expect it of our staff and students. And they always live up to expectations.  I am so proud.


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