Summer Break: Week 1 (a wrap up)

So one week into school sans students. I’ve gotten a lot done.  It’s quiet and casual. The three of us (me, custodian and secretary) work quietly, efficiently and occasionally come together for conversation or chit chat.

The new kindergarten play structure delivery date has changed three times.  The removal of the old structure has been delayed three days. I’ve met with a dad who’s helping me with logistics of the build. I’m collecting names of volunteers for Build Day. Onward and upward!

When not working on that project, I’ve spent the majority of the week prepping computers for a move either to a new classroom or to the ever growing e-waste pile. 

I’ve cleaned out one file drawer in my office. After two years in this office, I finally know what kinds of files I need.

My biannual meeting with our superintendent is done and my evaluation meeting with the assistant sup is later in the week.

The running joke between me and our secretary is that my speciality is other duties as assigned.  We laugh.

And so week two begins. I helped off load the playground, moved more computers, met to establish the PTA/school events calendar and attended a budget training. And later I’ll head out to dinner with the elementary team to say goodbye to Jason Sutter. He’s leaving our district to work closer to home and I know he’s going to love that change. We will miss him.

Highs and lows, meaningful and mundane–summertime work has it all!


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