Stratego Rocks!

So my nine year old was introduced to Stratego at a friend’s house recently.  He loves board games. Only now can he say Monopoly… We fondly refer to it an Nonopoly at our house.

So summer break is here.  We brought home Stratego today. Jacob and I were ready to play.  Well now I’m writing since the eleven year old took my place. Sheesh.  Just took a seat across from his brother and started. No, Mom, do you mind?  So I get to listen and write about the awesomeness of Stratego.

“Great move!”
“Yeah! Mine’s a Colonel!”
“Where are your bombs?”
“Good luck finding my flag.”
“Challenge. I’m a Major.  What are you?”
Lots of laughter, sighs, bomb sound effects.

They hardly know I’m sitting here.  And I’m jealous not to be playing, but I already called winner.

Have you played Stratego lately?


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