A Morning Among the Dust Bunnies (a tech adventure)

“Other duties as assigned” seems to be my main job descriptor these days.  Today was no exception.

With the arrival of chromebooks for our upper grades, we need to shuffle some hardware and computer furniture around campus. By “we” I mean me.

So I spent two and a half hours in three classrooms today bonding with the dust bunnies. Defragging, wrapping cords, updating Java and such, assigning some items to the e-waste pile…ah the glamorous life of an elementary principal.

So tomorrow…drum roll please… Three more classrooms! 

It’s going to be GREAT! That’s one of my go-to motivating statements. And I feel it right now. These few days are not fun, high profile or leadership-y. But the work must get done and whenever I wonder Whose job is it? I usually end up in front of a mirror. Hey lady! That’d be you!

Happy to help!  My other go-to motivating phrase. Perfect for these few days.

It’s going to be GREAT!  I just know it.


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