Such a Wonderful Year

As the school year closes (3 more days), I am so thankful I’ve kept a scrapbook of the year. Its only year 2 as an elementary admin for me, but my Year 1 scrapbook begot a Year 2 scrapbook.  Funny that I failed so horribly at baby books for my boys but these scrapbooks grow easily. [I digress.]

So I can look back at the highlights, the struggles, the funny student notes, the exasperating parent communication, my own blunders and triumphs. It’s been a good year.

Sort of like childbirth (sorry, if that’s too crass) but the joy of the year far outweighs the trials.

1st graders proudly reading books.
6th graders ready for junior high.
A new kindergarten playground in the works.
Buddy classes sharing final activities.
Two new (sort of) teachers brought into the community.
A (formally) very ill 3rd grader doing well and making us all smile.
So much to be thankful for and such a positive, appreciative community. I do feel blessed. And that’s not a phrase I use lightly.

Hurdles ahead, and hurdles behind, but the joy of the year will be the fuel keeping me on course.


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