Do I Value Our Teachers?

I was presented a challenge recently in the form of a letter. I have since been considering my practice and habits very closely.

It was about being appreciated and really heard. Am I listening or just putting in the time with a few nods and smiles?  Do I value what our teachers do and what they contribute to our school?

Immediately (and defensively) I said, ‘yes, I value, listen and appreciate.’  But that’s not adequate. So I’ve considered what I do to thank and acknowledge teachers, how I listen and attend, how I communicate my satisfaction, how I follow up on discussions.

I tend to be my worst critic, but in this case, the accusations presented don’t add up for me. I spend a lot of time with our teachers, I am a very present listener and I appreciate their work in specific, authentic interactions.

So there must be a take-away here. I did give the letter a week of reflection and examination. It could be a misunderstanding or differing point of view. So what now?

So now, I’m reengaged with my practice and habits. I’m more cognizant of others’ reactions, body language and needs.  A positive outcome despite my lingering dissatisfaction with the situation. Can I lean on the saying, you can’t please all the people all of the time?

That’ll have to do for now.


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