The Infamous 90 Days of May

So here we are.  On day 30 of the 90 days of May. We were strategic this year to keep the hullabaloo out of May. A sing-a-long in December.  A play in February.  The science fair in March.  Every production does not need to wait for May.

Yet here we are still feeling crazed and whirling like dervishes. What is it all about?

I had a conversation today that gave me an idea. We were discussing students and their sensitivity to change. We feel the year winding down.  Summer brings change to routine.  Beloved teachers will be missed. Friends may be seen intermittently or not at all. Routines are disrupted. We acknowledge this phenomenon in ours students.

What about us?

Is the 90 days of May not also about upcoming change?  A sense of closure?  Many loose ends to tie?

And for educators, we are closing and opening all at once. Teaching assignments, class lists, classroom moves, grade changes…

So if our students are emotional, more prone to errors in judgment, not themselves, might educators not be emotional and edgy as well?  These reactions to coming change might be a perfect recipe for the month to stretch on and on and on. 

Things that were routine (notes home, email, parent conferences) are now more emotionally charged, heavy, burdensome.

As much as we try to keep May neat and tidy, it’s a messy month. One foot in this year, one foot in the next.  Closure with current students, wondering about next year’s.  Finalizing grade-level projects and field trips, considering a new team for next year.

Mentally and emotionally, it’s 90 days worth.

My remedy?  Always take care of one another.  Slow down.  Don’t add anything else.  Listen well & communicate openly.

I know.  The remedy fits all times of the year.  The best guidance is usually pretty simple fare. 


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