Budget Frustration

No, it’s not about needing/wanting/demanding more funding. That’s for another day.

I am not an accountant. I am intelligent, organized and highly communicative. But the budget makes me feel like a complete dolt.

And let me just be very clear that I’m talking about a whopping $34,000 and some change. Shouldn’t be rocket science. But for some reason, it is.  And I don’t have that skill set.


23 days left in the school year and I will get this figured out. Is it too late for professional goals!?!?

So this is my pep talk to me: You are not a dolt.  Get some help.  Listen carefully.  You can learn it. 

My honorary (self-designed and printed) Certificate of Accounting and Budgetary Distinction will soon hang right next to my honorary (self-designed and printed) Special Education Credential. Two things I think come with newbie principalships.  Good thing I love certificates with shiny seals.

And in case you’re panicking on my behalf, I haven’t bankrupted the school.  All is well. Or at least ok.  Always plenty of room for improvement though.


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