Staying Positive-still left with a stomach ache.

A post from mid-year.

I really try to stay positive, see the good in people, be supportive, blah blah blah. I am used to the Pollyanna label and cup half full references. I use them myself.

Today it just took one person to challenge my positivity. 
And I left with a stomach ache.  Can’t shake it.

I believe teachers can reclaim their profession.  Should reclaim their profession. Stop reading the blue in the TE, stop moving through curriculum without looking at the kids, stop feeling pressured that you must teach (fill in the blank) in a single lesson.

We are educators. We know what to do. Or at least we used to. Curriculum publishers are no longer in charge. We are. Our students get back their role as the focal point of our lessons, goals and planning.

It’s definitely a rant. Not well articulated but definitely fired up tonight! And mostly soap box-type frustration that we’ve allowed our profession to be so squashed.

Hard work–are we really here for June, July and August, as the old teacher joke goes? I hope not. Those aren’t the folks I want to work with.

And I talk like a teacher. I hear myself. Now that I’m an admin, my identity has not changed. I am an educator. And I want us to take charge of the quality of our instruction, relevance of student work and depth of our content.

So my stomach ache is gone. Getting it out (messy, disjointed as it is) helps. My positive outlook cannot be shaken for long. I have faith in us. And in our students. Putting my soap box away now. Good night.


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