A Book Club of 2

My Amazon order for Teach Like a Pirate arrived yesterday. I dove right in!!  So good.  Makes me long for a classroom.

But the really good news is that I ordered 2 copies. Recently I have been very frustrated to start a book only to wish I could immediately loan it out. Weird.

So here I was, loving this book AND having a spare!!

Finished another teacher eval today with a colleague I love to talk with. She’s highly reflective and wants to get better–tweak, refine, abandon whatever isn’t working for her kids’ success. Always a good conversation.

So we are talking partner talk, how to tighten it up, turn accountability over to students and she mentions transitions.  That was my in… I have this book you might like to check out…

Its always awkward to suggest readings. Is it filling a deficiency?  Am I that bad?  Why would I need to read about it?  Those are the reactions I read in their eyes (or imagine I might see). 

With this particular colleague, we immediately became a book group of 2!!  So awesome.

And the big wonder for me, in my 20th month as a principal (newbie!!), this was my first longing for a classroom. What a compliment to the author, Dave Burgess. Up to now,


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