Hiring–just my 2¢

Just finished a set of teacher interviews today. Have a few tidbits I’d love to share with folks looking for a teaching position.  Wish I’d known some of this.

Fonts and size
I have font issues. This is a professional endeavor so curlz just won’t cut the mustard. I do, however, fall for unorthodox fonts that are especially clean and tidy. And don’t make me squint or turn your resume into the chart on the wall at the eye doctor.

I have huge issues with typos. I can easily overlook an interview outfit misstep and get 100% derailed by a typo.

Always have a few specific student vignettes at the ready for your interview. All the jargon in the world doesn’t help me SEE you with kids.  Tell me about a student you helped make a math breakthrough. Paint me a picture of technology integration (warts and all) with students you’ve known.

Stop & Think
The interview is not a race. Collect your thoughts, reread the question, be real.

Letters of Recommendation
Where is your current supervisor?  Address the absence if this letter is not included.  Why such antique letters?  Address this gap in references. Do not use letters that look to have been faxed one too many times. Ugh. 

Sometimes these are required. I love to look at the grades. An A student or a B & C student?  It flashes me to the D+ that still sits on my transcript from my first semester at college. Biology at San Diego State at 8:30am for this freshman 17 year old–bad idea. The grades remind that we’re all human. 

Do your homework.
Know something about the school or district for which you’re interviewing. Seems like a no-brainer, but some question responses reflect little knowledge of the site.

Full disclosure
I know I’ve made most of these errors. I really chuckle to picture my first resume. So eager, excited and young. And some of my issues may not even be advice other folks would give. It’s just my 2-cents after a day spent on the process.  And relief that I’m not (currently) on the other side of the table.


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